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good on this friday before the president's day holiday. you can tell some people are stretching it out for a four- day weekend. there are no major problems by the way. in marin there is a new crash. let's go to steve. only a tiny bit of fog around. it's generally clear. temperatures will be warming up today. 60s and 70s. coming up on mornings on 200s of people hurt in russia after a meteor slams to earth. we'll show you the incredible video. also a chase, crash, and gunfire on the streets of san francisco over night. we have an exclusive photo of the suspects car. stay with us.
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a terrifying real-life scene that looks like a science fiction movie. hundreds are hurt after a meet yore slams -- meteor slams into earth. >> reporter: we're live in san francisco where a car thief sets off a police chase but ends in a five-car crash. we'll tell you why one officer opened fire and show you where
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the bullets landed. >> reporter: we're live here in antioch where a 14-year-old girl was killed as she was trying to cross the street. we'll bring you the very latest on the investigation and what some residents are saying about this very busy intersection. "mornings on 2" starts right now. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's friday, february 15th. a russian news agency is reporting that nearly a thousand people were injured from meteor strikes overnight. people have been posting on the internet amazing home videos of the meteor streaking across central russia. the ten-town media entered the atmosphere at 33,000 miles an hour. it was the size of a kitchen table but it left a trail of smoke over a mountain region some 900 miles east of moscow. the russian army had discovered
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three craters. the russian today website tweeted this picture of a crater in an icy lake. we understand that all three craters are about 20 feet wide. radiation levels, however, are said to be normal. more than 950 people have been injured. mostly from broken glass and windows that shattered. many people suffered facial cuts. some people almost had their entire heads bandaged up. several victims suffered serious injuries and were checked into hospitals. coming up at the bottom of hour, we'll have a live report from the that bow space center -- chabot space center. . san francisco's police chief is leading the investigation into a frightening overnight incident involving a stolen car. there was a chase, a car and even some gunfire. ktvu's tara moriarty has been on this since 4:30 this
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morning. she's back now with an exclusive photo of that suspect's car. >> reporter: the crash, it looks really bad. so it's a miracle nobody was hurt. this is a very busy intersection near the chronicle building and the bloomingdale's. the scene was cleared a couple of hours ago. you can see how messed up the road is. the suspect's car has two bullet holes in the window. police say the 26-year-old man stole a black town car from the soma district around 9:15 last night. plain clothes officers spotted him in the tenderloin district. he took off and led officer osen a seven-block chase. officials say he drove up on the sidewalk on eddy street in
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order to avoid spike partnerships and then san francisco's police chief -- strips and then san francisco's police chief describes what happened next -- >> the vehicle went up on the curb and aun of the officers, fearing for their safety, fired two shot as the vehicle. >> reporter: except for the crash, the suspect was not seriously hurt. neither were the four other people involved in the crash. the suspect is in jail. we'll hear from police to find out what specific charges the suspect will face. we're live in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:04. police in hayward still investigating a deadly overnight crash that also sent water shooting several feet into the air. it happened about 11:30 on san clemente street near zephyr avenue. the driver of the car died at the scene. water kept rushing until crews
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were able to turn it off. police say it appeared that speed played a role in the crash. no one else was hurt. police in antioch or deathing the death of a 14-year- old girl hit by a car crossing the street. it happened last night just before 7:00 at hillcrest and hidden glen drive. that's where ktvu channel 2 reporter brian flores is with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: good morning. this is where the road markings are, unfortunately, where this 14-year-old girl was killed yesterday a as she tried to cross -- as she tried to cross the street. this happened around 6:45 last night. the girl was trying to cross the street when she was hit by the car. no word on where she was going. but antioch police say the driver as well as several witnesses remain here to help the girl. she was airlifted to a nearby hospital but died a short time later. residents say they hope drivers and pedestrians are aware of
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the surroundings. >> it's definitely sad and it would be nice for people to learn from it and to slow down and pay attention, stop texting when they are driving put makeup on or read the newspaper. a car is a dangerous thing to be handling and deserves attention and people need to pay attention to avoid these types of incidents. >> reporter: we've seen several cars drive by here. but investigators say neither speed nor alcohol played a role. we do have several calls into antioch police at this moment. but as soon as we find out more information, we'll definitely pass that hey long to you. i'm brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. the teenager hit by a car in concord this week is expected to make a full recovery. 14-year-old joey hornsby was walking to basketball practice when he was hit in a crosswalk.
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he was put in a medically- induced coma. there's concern about internal pleading but now doctors -- bleeding but now doctors say he will be okay. a stolen car crashed into a business in contra costa county. the latest incident was at the verizon door on pleasant drive and police say the man stole cell phones and tablets and then stole an suv driven by another person. this is december 18th last year, a stolen car slammed into front of the game stop. a suspect stole merchandise and is still out there on the loose. today at the white house, president obama will award citizens medals to the six adults killed in the newtown school shooting. the sedge educators who died dedicated their -- six educators who died dedicated
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their lives to the school and the community. a dozen other americans will be awarded the presidential citizens' medal at the white house today. senate republicans successny blocked a vote on president obama's nominee for secretary of defense, chuck hagel. coming up at 7:15, what this means for the current defense secretary, leon panetta. yesterday was supposed to be his last day on the job. he says he's looking forward to coming back to monterey to take care of his ranch. >> yeah. a lot of people are off. they don't have to work like you and i. it's presidents day. you are still watching the commute. >> that's right. i'm gonna be here on monday, too. >> i know you will be here, too. it will be the same even better on monday. some people don't have to go to work. some people will. we're looking at the commute on some of the major freeways. there are people out there, westbound on 80 as you drive out to the macarthur maze. no major problems. but it's not as busy as it
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normally is. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, that's lighter. there is a little bit of a delay. we don't even bother with the traffic time. 101 northbound at 37 they are clearing a crash there with a little bit of slow traffic, southbound 101 in that area. 7:08. let's go to steve. mostly clear skies. there's just a few little hints of some fog. it will get chewed up fast. cool to cold lows, he really mild. there's some locations. the offshore breezy near 60. and you can see, i mean, we have to go way to the south and north to even find the clouds. it will be sunny today after what little fog is there. 30s, 40s to 50s. it depends. i've seen upper 50s to near 60 for some. pacifica is 59. claremont, 60. that offshore wind is really helping. this will be the warmest day. high pressure not only aloft, also on the surface.
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it's going from the northeast to the west or to the southwest. san francisco, they will have great weather today as will the coast. everyone will. but we're focusing on san francisco. 70 for the high today. should not be a problem. already starting off in the mid- 50s for some. everything looks quiet today, tomorrow. a little change on sunday. and then believe it or not, forecast models are digging a very cold and what looks to be a wet system on tuesday. so until then, enjoy the nice weather. clear skies except for a couple of patches of nothing. but temperatures that started warming up on wednesday kicked into higher gear on thursday. saturday still pretty good. not as warm. patchy fog, a lot of sunshine. windy east bay hills. some of the higher elevations. kind of comes and goes a little built. it was stronger yesterday. 74. downtown oakland, 72. 70 pleasanton. hayward, san leandro. mid-70s gilroy to santa cruz. 73. sunnyvale milpitas.
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sawyer raw toga, los gatos looks good. much of the peninsula, redwood city leading the way at 74. palo alto at 72. looks good for saturday and then mostly clear but clearer on sunday. we'll get more of a west wind. it looks like a cold system. all right. thank you. a dangerous suspect breaks free from police custody in the east bay. how he escaped and how the reason police stay he -- say he needs to be caught. gambling away a fortune. a mayor of a city won a billion dollars but lost a lot more. where she got the money in the first place. [ male announcer ] tender sirloin
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already rather mild for some coast and bay. everything is in on the sunshine party today. a little bit of a breezy
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pattern. it looks like. 60 to near 70 degrees. >> thank you, steve. 7:13. a republican filibuster is keeping chuck hagel from becoming our country's next secretary of defense. as kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, members of the gop say they have a good reason to push off a confirmation vote. >> reporter: many senate republicans say chuck hagel is too controversial to be confirmed. days after getting through committee on a party line vote, several members of the gop say they still have questions. from day one, we could see hagel's confirmation process would hit speed bumps along the way. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle question his comments on israel's jews and gays as well as his positions on iran and iraq. senate republicans are asking hagel for more information on his finances and speeches he's given and they are taking advantage of this opportunity to get more details from the white house regarding how president obama responded to the deadly attack on the u.s.
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consulate in benghazi this past september. today, congress start as ten- day recess. >> i think that during the break, it's sufficient time to get any additional questions answered. i will vote in favor of this on the day we get back. >> reporter: and leon panetta still has to go to work for at least another week. he was set to retire. we'll hear from him when i see you next. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 7:15. some members of congress are starting to roll out their plans to avoid automatic budget cuts scheduled for the first of flex month. democrats -- next month. democrats of the house and senate have unveiled plans to close the budget gap. that would include $55 billion in new revenue from the wealthiest americans and biggest corporations. it also cuts more than $27 million from military spending and the same amount from farm
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subsidies. republicans say they will not act on any budget measures until the senate approves a budget plan. today, the white house is expected to pass a bill that would extend a pay freeze for federal workers for three more years. conservatives say blocking modest raise proposed by the president would save the country $11 billion. but democrats and a few republicans say federal workers have done more than their fair share already to represent reduce the deficit. the bill is ejected to be rejected by the democrat- dominated senate. the california state auditor tracked a surplus going back to 1993. last july a $20 million hidden cash surplus at the department
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of parks and rec was found. that same audit shows the department of parks and recreation doesn't know how much it cost to operate california's 270 parks. administrators were estimating those costs by using figures that were ten years old. the department says it's now developing a new budget that will include specific operating costs for each of the parks. anthem bluecross will reduce its planned rate increase for 630,000 policyholders. earlier this month, anthem proposed an average increase of 18%. california's insurance commissioner says anthem voluntarily agreed to cut that by a 14% hike. that move could save policyholders about $54 million. san leandro police are searching for a man who escaped while being handcuffed. last night officers stopped solomon santa cruz espinoza
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outside of a hotel on lieuling boulevard. officers cuffed him and he broke loose and they tried to grab the officer's gun. he's wanted on charges of battery on an officer, assault with a deadly weapon and domestic violence. this morning, members of keonte campbell will gather for his funeral. he was shot and killed two weeks ago shortly after oakland's first friday event wrapped up. three others were wounded in the gunfire on telegraph avenue. police have arrested a suspect but no word on a motive. 7:18. a court hearing set this morning for a fairfield man accused of killing veteran police officer james capoot. henry albert smith, junior is expected to enter a plea. now, he's charged with fatally shooting the officer back in 2011 while fleeing the scene of
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a bank robbery. smith could be eligible for the death penalty because of special circumstances. the former mayor of san diego will pay back more than $2 million that she gambled away from her late husband's charity. her husband, the founder of jack in the box and first national bank died in 2004. in 2001, she said she started to gamble heavily and borrowed a lot of money from her foundation. she claims a medical condition affected her ability to make good judgments. >> there was a tumor growing in her hayne in the centers -- brain, in the centers of the brain that affect and control logic, reasoning, and most importantly, judgment. >> according to court documents, she won more than a billion dollars in a nine-year span but lost it all and millions more. now she has to pay back the foundation or she could go to
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jail. 7:19. we're in for another beautiful day today. we kind of get these teases in february sometimes. we'll have temperatures well in the 70s but meteorologist steve paulson is warning us to enjoy it while we can because changes are on the way. and a response at mountain -- good morning. if you are driving on most of the bay area highways. the traffic looks good. we do have traffic stops. we'll run those down for you straight ahead.
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welcome back. 7:22. a mountain view teenager could face jail time and finds after causing a big care son his school campus. police were called to mountain view high yesterday morning after reports of a person dressed in camouflage and wearing a gas mask. police identified the suspect as 18-year-old christopher edgerton. friends say the teenager posted a message on facebook the night
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before saying "kind of tempted to wear a gas mask to school tomorrow. funny or weird? ." >> i think it's incredibly responsible and shows a lack of maturity. >> police say he admitted to the prank but had weapons. he was arrested. 7:23. san mateo police are investigating what turned out to be a false report about a shooting and hostage situation. police, firefighters and paramedics called to clipper street around 2:00 yesterday morning. but police say the report was a prank known as swatting where callers report false reports. false reports can carry a jail sentence of six months and fines up to $1,000. let's check in with sal. apparently you are just learning about a new crash in san jose.
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that's right. northbound 101. de la cruz exit, there is a new crash. we want to show you that northbound 101, only the shoulder is blocked. it's not causing a huge traffic jam and by the way, it's been just a little better than normal on this friday before presidents's day -- presidents' day. let's look at 880 northbound and southbound, it should stay this way barring any crashes getting into downtown oakland. the bay bridge toll plaza has been lighter than usual. almost no delay getting on the bridge. here's steven. 61 degrees by golden gate fields. upper 50, 59 around el cerrito, berkeley, kensington, all the way to san francisco even into sausalito where i saw 56. you can see the offshore breeze pushing everything away from us. that would be in the form of fog. there is hardly any.
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a couple of reports. chris in merced heights said it's all gone now. still 30s inland. but 50s oakland and also san francisco. it won't take to warm up. we're under a mountain of high pressure. kaud it peaks out. sunny and warmer, only patchy fog, blue skies. windy in some of the east bay hills. 60s 70s. a lot of 70s. i think santa cruz really warms up today. 76 degrees. saturday will be pretty good. i think it will be with your weekend in view, it looks pretty good. increasing clouds monday and tori look at that. rain on tuesday. about time. we need it. we sure do. 7:25. an incredible yet terrifying site over the sky in eastern europe. [ sirens ] >> the destruction caused by a ten-ton meteor hurdling into earth at 33,000 and hour. >> reporter: scientists are
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setting up a huge telescope this morning to check out an asteroid buzzing by earth. we'll tell you the difference between this asteroid and the meet meteor -- and the meteor in russia. passengers get back on land from the carnival cruise. we'll hear more in a live report from mobile, alabama -- next.
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7:28. the russian government is mobilizing 20,000 emergency workers to handle victims of the overnight meteor ite -- meteorite strike. it generated a sonic boom. you heard it there. it set off a lot of car alarms and shattered windows. it also left a giant streak the smoke across the sky. this was 900 miles east of moscow when a meteor hits a ground, that's when they become meteorites. most of the injuries resulted from broken glass. a roof of a zinc factory also collapsed. nearly 1,000 people have been hurt. local emergency rooms are overwhelmed. many of the victims suffered cuts on their cases from the
7:32 am
shattered glass windows. but several dozen people are hurt more seriously and some of them have checked into hospitals. 7:29. well, later this morning, there will be another separate event up in the skies. an asteroid 150 feet wide is gonna zoom close to earth. lorraine blanco, live at oakland's chabot space and science center. how close will it come to us? >> reporter: within 17,000 miles of earth. i want to tell you that there's a big difference between that meteor in russia and the asteroid here at the chabot space and science center later today. this asteroid is much bigger and much farther away. they need this huge telescope to see it. this morning astronomers are setting up equipment to examine the asteroid. they will be tracking it and mapping it. experts are calling this 2012 da-14. it will pass within 17,200
7:33 am
miles of earth. it's the biggest rock to this this close to us in recorded history. no worries about armageddon. but scientists say it could do damage in the future. it's pasted in the past -- it's happened in the past. >> these events when they occur, they can have -- at least certainly something of this size, if it hits the earth, it may not have global effects but it will have regional effect the. >> reporter: the asteroid will pass by earth closer to noon. it's not visible to the naked eye. so if you want to check it out, the chabot space center will open here at 7:00 tonight. that's when it will pass here. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:31. in our continuing coverage,
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tugboats are towing carnival's disabled triumph cruise ship from the dock to a shipyard for repairs. our reporter is live from mobile, alabama, where passengers finally arrived last night after a very long journey home. good morning, jonathan. >> reporter: a long journey indeed, tori. i had this huge ship behind me. but now it's being toe -- towed across mobile bay to a shipyard where the vessel will undergo repairs. it's not going to be in service. carnival tells us that through april while it's being repaired at the shipyard, while the ntsb investigates exactly what caused that engine room fire on sunday that disabled the ship and to allow crews to clean up the mess. i have video to show you from last night. one of the passengers getting off the ship, a young woman as soon as she set foot on dry
7:35 am
land. she got down and in the style of the pope, kissed the ground. obviously a very happy moment of relief for her. let's listen to what she had to say. >> really happy to be back in america and on land. the crew was great. i can't say enough about them. but i mean -- >> reporter: are you angry at all? >> i'm not angry. i'm so happy to be home, really. >> reporter: that's really a common sentiment. passengers expressing relief to be off the vessel but by and large saying that the crew did the best job possible making them comfortable under some very trying circumstances. tori, back to you. >> jonathan, i know they are getting a full refund and a free second cruise. any idea if anyone will take them up on the offer? >> reporter: you know, it depends on who you took to. some passengers say they are
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done with cruising. they will fly. but others are ready to hop right back on board that ship after it's refurbished in april. a lot of people will be taking carnival up on its offer for an additional free cruise. >> thank you, jonathan. 7:34. back here at home, two people in east san jose are in the hospital after an overnight shooting. ktvu's janine de la vega live near gram mercy place and alum rock road. you just talked with family members. what are they saying? >> reporter: well, they are heading to the hospital right now. half of the family is already there. but they are very shaken up. these were two brothers in law that lived inside their family here on grammercy place. they were smoking outside when somebody started to shoot around 10:30 night in the area of alum rock and north capital. an suv drove by and santed to
7:37 am
fire -- started to fire multiple gunshots in the area. two people were shot. one was hit in the back, the other was wounded in the hip area. they were rushed to the hospital where they are being treated and are expected to survive. police believe words may have been exchanged but they won't know until they get to the hospital. the whole family is scared and mad that this happened. >> i feel like -- like my heart is just beating up and down because i'm really scared. i was sleeping because my mother didn't want to wake me up because when things happen, she thinks i'm gonna cry. >> reporter: police believe the drive-by shooting could be gang- related. her sisters were not involved in gangs and any type of trouble. the other early 30s. both of them are fathers. this is the second drive-by
7:38 am
shooting. there was shooting on jackson avenue and dorburn. nobody was injured in that drive-by shooting but police are not sure if those drive-by shootings are affected. coming up next, you will hear more accounts from the victims' families. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, janine. 7:36. a santa clara man accused of having explosives and threatening a public official is due to appear in court for the first time this afternoon. chp investigators say they found weapons and bomb making materials at everett basham's home. he's also accused of sending an e-mail threatening to asas senate state senator leland yee. yee said the message is unlike any he has ever received. >> as a psychologist, i know very well that the more detail
7:39 am
you provide, the more serious the threat and the more you need to pay attention to that particular threat. >> the "examiner" reports that basham's linked-in report shows he's an engineer. b.a.r.t. will test allowing bikes on trains at any time. right now, bikes are banned on all b.a.r.t. trains during commute hours. cyclists have been protesting that for years. so between march 1st and march 22nd, b.a.r.t. will ban bikes on the first three cars of trains during commute hours. last august, b.a.r.t. allowed bikes on all trains on all stations but only on fridays. directors talked about plans to continue fare hikes through 2020. most riders understand the need to raise prices.
7:40 am
the plan to raise parking fees at b.a.r.t. stations that did not get the same support. about 35% of b.a.r.t. riders drive to b.a.r.t. stations. the directors noted to raising fees would be fair to the riders. the b.a.r.t. has not said a date when they will vote on the issues. 7:38. we want to check in again with sal. a little light out there. but some problems, too. >> there are a couple of problems. but even the problems we've had have been helped along by that light traffic we're talking about on this friday before most people have a three-day weekend. this is a look at 237. when you see 237 looking this way, you know that we are gating ready for a holiday weekend. normally at this time we have a lot of slow traffic. not asking any questions. just keep going. the westbound bay bridge, same thing goes at the toll plaza. it's absolutely light. we knew it was gonna be this bay from about 6:30 on. barring a problem, there's no real issue. look at antioch, usually we
7:41 am
have deep red in antioch. even this morning, we have light traffic there. drive carefully and try not to speed. a lot of sunshine. i was looking at montero and half moon bay, 63 degrees. 59 berkeley. i saw numerous reports of that. mid-50s for many in san francisco. it's -- if this were summertime, it would be hot because we get the offshore breeze. high pressure is a no doubt about it in charge. sending everything to the northern plains and points east. looks like though next week there will be a pattern change. forecast models hinting at a cold system dropping in here on tuesday. 30s for some inland. some very, very light fog. 40s and 50s. 51 oakland. 52. i've seen warmer temperatures. i mean coming off the caldecott. there's a pretty good breeze. another dry week. but at least another dry week, and temperatures warming up in
7:42 am
the 70s. we've had about six or seven dry weeks. we need some. we're running out of time. high pressure will peek out. it's from sunday, seattle, it's controlling the west coast. clear skies, some cold lows. there are some and others that are really mild to warm cool to mild. but the offshore breeze is still in place. that's the direction the wind is coming from. started a little warmup on wednesday. continued on thursday. today will be the warmest day. saturday we'll start a transition down. only patchy fog and i think most of that is gone. warm, windy and some of the higher elevations. there's an offshore breeze going right over san pablo bay. that's kind of a cool direction for sfo because it comes over water. they are unking cooler for some. 60s and 70s for almost everybody. upper 60s to mid-70s. santa cruz looks to be -- they are 44 right now. i don't think they will have a problem warming up. redwood city, 74.
7:43 am
millbrae, san francisco, 70. 68 half moon bay. not much of a change on saturday. a little cooler. westerly breeze kicks in on sunday and then increasing clouds and looks like a cold rain on tuesday. thank you, steve. oscar pistorius, in court today. the olympian hero's emotional reaction when the judge announced he faces murder charges. and hundreds of culinary graduates but the reason why san francisco restaurants are having a hard time finding people to work in the kitchen. ♪
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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stockings inching higher today. with auto sales rising analysts say the drop is likely to prove temporary. the dow is up 10. the nasdaq is up 2. s&p is flat. hundreds of students are graduating from local culinary schools every semester but the san francisco business times reports that san francisco restaurants are still having a hard time finding cooks. restaurant owners say that's because there are so many restaurants competing for kitchen workers. they say new graduates don't want to start as line cooks or only want to work in restaurants with michelin stars. 7:44. new this morning, olympic track star, oscar pistorius has officially been charged with murder in south africa. want to show you new video. this is his court appearance overnight. oscar pistorius actually cried.
7:47 am
his nickname is blade runner because he runs with blades is caulk accused of killing his girlfriend yesterday at his home. there have been reports he may have mistaken her as an intruder but police say there was a domestic dispute. the oscar pistorius family released a statement saying they don't believe he's a murderer. this is reminder that corporate sponsorship can be a very busy risky business. >> nike took advantage of the inspirational story of oscar pistorius and signed him on as a nike celebrity. but this ad has been pulled from the company's website. it features oscar pistorius at the starting blocks with the slogan i'm a bullet in the chamber. image consultants say this will undoubtedly fuel conversations. take tiker woods, for example.
7:48 am
nike didn't drop him but his visibility with the brand took a bit of a break. lance armstrong was another nike athlete whose reputation took a hit. >> what am i on? i'm on my bike busting my butt. >> when the u.s. anti-doping agency came up with another evidence to convince the world of his cheating, he was dropped. now, the charges against oscar pistorius are even more serious. now that he's charged with murder, marketing analysts say the company should immediately break his ties with oscar pistorius. contracts make it clear that the athlete's behavior can allow a company to cut its ties but not before spending millions of dollars paying these celebrities for endorsing their products. one company that advises other businesses on creating and maintaining the reputation says this morning the problem is that so much money is pinned on human beings who, in a moment
7:49 am
of passion or intoxication, can ruin their reputation in an instant. i'm pam cook, let's go back to dave and tori. 7:46. we could soon learn more about why a court has been holding secret hearings in the murder case of chandra leavey. a judge says he plans to release partial transcripts of the hearings in about a week. she was a washington intern whose 2001 murder attracted national attention because of her romantic relationship with former california congressman gary concondit. an illegal immigrant was convicted of her murder in 2010. the san bernardino sheriff's department has confirmed thatid is dead. dental records -- that christopher dorner is dead. dental records positively identified this. dorner did extensive research on his first two victims, a basketball coach and her
7:50 am
fiance. prosecutors say dorner gathered jens on the irvine couple because dorner blamed the coach's father for firing him from the l.a. police department. social media anlits say it's disturbing but dorner has become popular online culture. a mexican singer even posted paid homage to his revenge killings. there's also a youtube video games about his last stand. drug agents in illinois got a surprise when they went to a rural property to investigate a suspected meth lab. authorities say neighbors called to complain about what looked like drug-making equipment. but it was equipment to actually make maple syrup. laura benson she's not mad at their neighbor's mistake. >> i kind of wanted to put their mind at ease and let them know it's welcome syrup and they are all welcome for pancakes if they want to come.
7:51 am
[laughter] >> she gave the neighbors a sample -- she gave the police a sample to take home. someone robbed a u.s. bank in a safeway in rohnert park about 10:30 yesterday morning. and then 45 minutes later, a u.s. bank in a safeway in santa rosa was robbed. during the surveillance videos, the suspect looks like the same individual. she's described as latino with a goatee and a stocky build. he also matches a description from a robbery at a chase bank in santa rosa two weeks ago. a danville man's in custody expected to face charges for a string of burglaries in blackhawk and danville. police say 25-year-old charles raddyzak started to break into houses in his own neighborhood about two months ago. one resident showed video to
7:52 am
police of this. he faces probation violations and possessing a controlled substance. almost two years after flooding, capitola settles a lawsuit. and relief from federal taxes. the proposal that would give some same-sex couples a break.
7:53 am
7:54 am
it's taken almost two years but flood-related lawsuits in capitola have been settled. the village center was flood after a pipe burst during heavy rains. nine lawsuits have been settled for $420,000. santa cruz county will pay half the cost. the illinois state senate has voted to legalize same-sex marriage. the bill now moves to the house. if it passes, illinois would become the 10th state plus the district of columbia to allow
7:55 am
same-sex mums to marry. the measure has an amendment that says no charge or other religious organization will be forced to perform same-sex marriages. san francisco assemblyman ting is looking to provide some tax relief to same-sex couples. he introduced a new bill that would reimburse them for taxes they pay to the federal government. right now, people in same-sex relationships pay a federal income tax from benefits they receive from their partner. facebook and google already reimburse the tax to their employees. 7:53. well, a messy san francisco tradition kept cleanup crews busy overnight. imagine being in that valentine's day pail le -- pimm low fight in justin herman
7:56 am
plaza. hundreds showed up. we talked to one man from pleasanton. he was celebrating his 78th birthday as well. >> it was a zoo. it was great. >> he had fun. the department of public works spent hours cleaning up all of the feathers out there after the pillow fight. the clean just cost came to about $5,000. on our channel 2 website, we posted new video for you of the pillow fight. it is 7:54. let's check in with sal. see what's happening on the roads and getting slow in oakland, sal? >> we're finally beginning to see some of that northbound on 880. we're seeing slowing and congestion. nothing too bad. when you get to the taupe, it's actually doing well, still. so you don't have to worry about getting into san francisco. it's getting slow on 880. also looking at some of the commutes here, in the east bay as we tilt to the south bay
7:57 am
getting from 880 is san jose, it still looks pretty good on 101, 880 and 85. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. clear skies, already temperatures 59 near half moon bay airport. also point reyes lighthouse. 62 by golden gate fields. it's really mild for some. it will be sunny and warm. there's still some 30s inland. this is a high-pressure system that will peak out today. it will be as strong as it will get today. you can see some of the temperatures. a little bit of fog this morning. san jose is already 45. 46 san rafael. 52 in san francisco although i've seen 56 at the presidio and lake merced. sunny and warm. temperatures today will have no problem warming up coast and bay. not only do we have high pressure aloft, it will take longer. but you will get there. 60s and 70s. what about weekend? we'll have that plus a big change coming up in ten
7:58 am
minutes. 7:55. a lot of people talking about it. it sounded like something from a movie. but this was real. it happened this morning. look at this. big fragments of a meteor hit eastern europe. a famous tv scientist is talking about this rare event. >> reporter: we're live in san francisco where a car thief sets off a drastic change of -- change of events -- chain of events. we'll tell you about the chain, crash and gunfire and show you the video where the bullets ended up. and we're live in antioch where a 14-year-old was killed as she tried to cross the street. we'll bring you the latest on the investigation and what some residents are saying about this intersection -- that's when "mornings on 2" continues. [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again
7:59 am
with the rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx and the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection.
8:00 am
new video of the meteor going 33,000 miles an hour streaking across russia. this caused a sonic boom, set off car alarms and injured hundreds of people. 20,000 emergency response workers are being mobilized to help those people hurt. famed tv scientist bill nye talked about what we're seeing. >> this is where the meteor, the asteroid, the material is
8:01 am
coming into the earth's atmosphere so fast that the earth's atmosphere acts like concrete. >> and as the world's population grows, nye predicts we'll see more injuries from meteorites in the future. the overnight injury hurt about -- about 1,000 people have been injured. most hit by flying glass. one hospital treated nearly 100 injured children. several other victims suffered very serious injuries and had to be checked in the hospital. and because the temperatures are in the 20s below, home heat something a critical issue. the meteor is not the only cosmic event -- cosmic event we're talking about this morning. we'll talk about an asteroid passing earth in a couple of hours. san francisco police are investigating a frightening incident involving a stolen car. there was a chase, a crash and
8:02 am
even some gunfire. tara moriarty joins us live with an exclusive photo of the suspect's car. >> reporter: good morning. san francisco police should be answering more questions sometime later this morning. if you take a look out here in the middle of the intersection, you can see things have returned to normal. we do have an exclusive photo of the suspect's stolen car. you can see two bullet holes in the windshield there and we understand the suspect suffered a scratch on his forehead. sources tell ktvu it's most likely a graze wound from one of those bullets. police say a 26-year-old man stole a black town car from the soma district. plain clothe the officers spotted him and he then lead officers on a seven-block chase. he drove up on the sidewalk on eddy street to avoid spike strips and then raced down 5th street, eventually slamming into a cab and involving two
8:03 am
other cars. san francisco's police chief described the gunfire that erupted moments before the crash. >> when the vehicle went up on the curb, one of the officers nearing for their safety fired two -- fearing for their safety fired two shots at the vehicle. >> reporter: police say the officer was concerned for pedestrians on eddy. so he fired his weapon. except for the scratch, the suspect was not seriously hurt. neither were four other people involved in the crash. the suspect is now in jail. his identifydy has not been released. live in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:01. police in hayward are trying to figure out what us kaed a driver of a -- what caused a driver of a deadly accident hit a fire hydrant. that sent water shooting in the air. water was actually falling into the vehicle until crews were able to shut the water. they say speed played a role in the crash. the driver died at the scene.
8:04 am
no one else was hurt. police in antioch investigateth the death of a 14- year-old girl hit by a car last night while crossing the street. it happened about 7:00 at hillcrest avenue and hidden glen drive. brian flores is there now. you have the latest details. >> reporter: yeah, dave, good morning. i just got off the phone with the antioch school district. they are currently working to see if this 14-year-old girl attended a school here inside the district. if that's the case, they will be sending grief counselors to that school. as you can see, this is where the 14-year-old girl was hit by a car and killed as she was crossing the street last night. this morning, as you can see as well, the road markings from the investigators remain here as well. according to antioch police, the collision happened around 6:45. the girl was trying to cross the street when she was hit by the car. no word where she was going. but antioch police say the driver as well as several witnesses remain here to help the girl. she later -- she was later airlifted to the hospital where
8:05 am
she died. residents hope drivers and pedestrians learn from this and are aware of their surroundings. >> it's sad and it would be nice for people to pay attention, stop texting while they are driving or put on makeup or read the newspaper, whatever they are doing. a car is a dangerous thing to be handling. it deserves everyone's attention. >> reporter: we're back out  here live, this very, very busy intersection here in antioch. the girl has yet to be identified pending notification of family. we have no word from the antioch police. we have several calls in. at this point, they just tell us that the investigation, neither speed nor alcohol played a role in this investigation. as soon as we have more information, we'll pass it along. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. the 14-year-old boy hit by a car in concord earlier this week is expected to make a full recovery now. joey hornsby was walking to
8:06 am
basketball practice on monday when he was hit in a crosswalk. he was put in a medically- induced he coma. there was concern he could have internal bleeding but now doctors say he's expected to be okay. 8:04. san francisco is planning to switch gears on funding to improve pedestrian safety on city streets. last year, muni spent about $2.2 million to slow down traffic. but this year, the transit agencies wants to direct more cash towards neighborhood with high traffic in downtown. one area of focus will be turk and bryant street, a corner where many are hurt while walking or riding their bikes. police say hundreds of people get hit each other in the tenderloin. let's bring sal back. you are seeing more traffic back and you are watching the toll plaza. >> that's right. we're watching the toll plaza. we're seeing a little bit more traffic.
8:07 am
although, if you think about it, it's still lighter than usual. but we're seeing -- it went from no delay to maybe about a two or three-minute delay at the toll plaza. like wise for interstate 880 northbound. you will see some slow traffic as you ive past the coliseum and get up to the downtown oakland area. 580 is actually better than this. it's looking good through the lakeshore curb. if you are driving this morning in the south bay in san jose, this is a nice-looking drive for you. traffic on 101 has not been all that heavy. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. >> you are welcome. clear, clear, severe clear. i just went out the visible satellite on twitter spweather. there's not a cloud over california. it's definitely a sunny, warm day already shaping up. some areas inland are cold. along the coast and the bay, 50s to 60. there are a few low 60s with the breeze coming right out of the hills there. starting to bounce off some of those lows already. 54 at the oakland airport already. 45 san jose. but even livermore, concord,
8:08 am
napa, fairfield, shore says -- santa rosa says 45. overall, i think everything is gone. sunny and warm. in fact, high pressure, aloft also at the surface has given us the offshore direction. that's the land of the sea breeze. if it were summertime, i would say sunny 57 hot. it will be very warm. temperatures above average. average 60 to 65. we'll be above that on all accounts. just some patchy fog. much warmer today. 60s to low 70s for some. i mean, you can see where everything goes up and over and dives down the middle of the country. there are signs that the system will be coming out of the gulf of mexico next tuesday. we need it. we need it. enjoy today and tomorrow. it will be a lot of sunshine, cool skies. i think the fog will be back -- will work its way back. temperatures really warmed up on thursday and they will continue that today. sunny and warmer. only some patchy fog. i don't see anything left. if there is, blue skies, windy
8:09 am
in the hills. 60s to 70s or mid-70s, some. i mean, st. helena, calistoga, novato at 70, concord, pleasant hill, martinez, brentwood, oakley. it might be warmer than that in oak oakley. they are already -- oakley. they are already 70. 76 in santa cruz. a lot of 73s. los gatos, santa clara, sunnyvale in there. 74 redwood city an, millbrae 70 and 60s to near 7 on on much of the coast. i would think a little bit of a sea breeze might kick in later. it looks like a cold rain arrives on tuesday. thank you, steve. 8:07. in a ktvu special report we went on an undercover operation with san francisco police to take a look at illegal cab drivers that could be putting passengers' lives at risk. police say the number of unregulated rides in the city
8:10 am
is up. town car and limo drivers are not allowed to pick up passengers on the street unless they were scheduled ahead of time. police are currently looking for at least two drivers who sexually assaulted female passengers and in one case, the woman got kicked several times after a dispute over money. >> he tried to tell me to get out of the car. i said not until i get my change and he took off. i was about halfway in, halfway out of the car. my legs were out. >> in is similar sting last year -- in a similar sting last year, police handed out over 800 citations. with the $200 police say it's not stopping many of those drivers. if you have an idea for a ktvu special report, send your tip to i-reports at 8:08. san jose city college is off probation. the 91-year-old school was put on probation three years ago but the acreditting commission for community and junior
8:11 am
colleges. the commission says since that time, the college has shown it has corrected problems with financial management, student outcomes and governance. palo alto high school received a very generous gift. an anonymous donor is offering up to $20 million to rebid the indoor athletic facilities. the money would be used to build two gyms, a dance studio, weight room and classrooms. the donor wants to work with an architect to design the facilities. construction could start next year. 8:09. the president of the uc berkeley math club has come out with a new video supporting the dream ath. >> 23,000 followers -- act. >> 23,000 followers to deport me. >> the 24-year-old is not only a math and biostatistics major, he's also an illegal immigrant. park says the cost of deporting young illegal students is less than the projected income and contribution if granted
8:12 am
citizenship. he moved to the u.s. from south korea when he was 10 years old. he's been accepted to grad school at yale and brown universities. he hid his status for years. if this passes, he would be able to get aid to obtain his master's. president obama, not happy with republicans blocking the confirmation of chuck hagel as secretary of defense. >> i'm still presiding over a war in afghanistan. i need a secretary of defense. >> what that delay means for outgoing secretary leon panetta. also how a superstar pro basketball game has become an overnight hit in china.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
a lot of sunshine. it would be really nice. are we by golden gate field? yes, we are. big weekend at the el camino for the preparation of the kentucky derby. there's controversy surrounding a decision made by the pope in one of his final appointments as the leader of the catholic church. he gave the approval for erns van fryburg to become the new head but an investigation shows he's the chairman of a ship builder helping to create warships for the navy. and that's creating controversy. south korea says it has not detected any radioactive
8:16 am
elements from north korea's nuclear test early this week. in the meantime, in north korea, people are celebrating the success of the country's third nuclear test. china and japan are collecting air samples in order to determine whether the north koreans used uranium and pleau tonial. if uranium is detected, that would indicate the nuclear program is at an advanced stage. 8:14. republicans blocked a vote to confirm secretary of defense nominee chuck hagel. as kye ba campbell reports -- kye ba campbell reports -- kyla campbell reports, president obama hopes they will reverse the move in the coming days. >> reporter: president obama did not expect a quick confirm as i pro session for chuck -- confirmation session for chuck hagel but he's starting to lose his patience. >> i'm still presiding over a war in afghanistan and i need a secretary of defense coordinating with our allies to make sure our trips are getting
8:17 am
the strategy and mission they tee serve. >> reporter: and some say president obama can help move this process along. they are using the filibuster to demand information on how the president responded to the deadly attack. some from the gop also want chuck hagel to hand over new information. republicans are asking for details on speeches he's given in recent years and just how much he was paid to give them. all of this stalling means outgoing secretary of defense leon panetta has to push off his retirement for at least another ten day is. >> the second best valentine's day would be to allow sill yeeia and i to get the hell out of town. [laughter] >> i feel like it's groundhog day around here. >> reporter: there's good news for panetta. many republicans say they will vote to confirm hagel once they get the information there requested over a ten-day recess starting today. a vote is expected by tuesday,
8:18 am
the 26th. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. the alameda county board of supervisors are sifting through a lot of information right now after hearing arguments for and against the use of drones at a contentious hearing last night. the alameda county sheriff's department wants to purchase two drones. the sheriff's department says the drones would not be armed and would be useful in emergency situations but many people spoke out against the drones saying they are worried about privacy. the federal aviation administration is now taking proposals to create six drone test sites around the country. the faa is required to develop sites where civilian and military zones can be tested to enter airspace which is limited to manned aircraft currently. this would be used to come up with require importants to make sure the drones collide with
8:19 am
planes on endanger people on the ground. the corder dispute between independent na and pakistan is intensifying. independent -- india and pakistan is intense -- intensifying. a soldier was killed in a firefight. a major changes for cargo ships that sail under the bay bridge. the coast guard just imposed a new rule that ban the large ships from sailing under the bridge in foggy conditions. that only affects ships that head out to sea. it doesn't apply to ships coming into port. a cargo ship sideswiped the bay bridge in foggy conditions. this is interesting. an italian sailor would wrap up a record-breaking voyage in san francisco within the next day. he started out in new york city on new year's day. he made his way around cape horn at the tip of south america and is expected to sail
8:20 am
under the golden gate bridge late today or early tomorrow. now, if the vote arrives today -- boat arrives today, it would have made the 14,000 mile viage in 37 days. the current -- voyage in 37 days. campbell's stock is up now. this is after the company that now makes baked foods and v-8 juices. revenues were up. but the company says that was not enough to make up for costs associated with restructuring. that included shutting down the factory in sacramento. last week campbell announced it's laying off 80% of the work force in mexico. kobe bryant is stirring up a lot of excitement in china. he joined a chinese-language microblogging site. the first message came this
8:21 am
morning. he's set up an individual account. he had 100,000 followers within hours. we just checked and it's topped 200,000. >> wow. jeff tedford finally talking about being fired as cal's head football coach. he tellles the contra costa times he thinks the director had already decided to fire him before the start of the season. the cal ended the season with three wins and nine losses. tedford also said there was no give and take during his tense 30-minute meeting with sandy barber when she fired him, the day after the season ended. the future of the sacramento kings still, well, up in the air as we begin this nba all-star weekend, all of the money talk and the battle between sacramento and seattle, the details are coming up at 8:25. the former mayor of san diego will pay back more than $million that she gambled away from her late husband's
8:22 am
charity. maureen o'conner's husband, the founder of jack in the box and california's first national bank died in 1994. in 2001, she said she gee -- began to gamble heavily and borrowed money from her husband's foundation. a california attorney said a medical condition affected her ability to use good judgment. >> there was a tumor growing in her brain in the centers of the brain that affect and control logic, reasoning and most importantly, judgment. according to court documents, she won more than $1 billion while gambling in a nine-year span but lost it all and millions more. now in a deal with prosecutors she must pay back the foundation or she could face jail time. 8:20. if you are a sports fan in the bay area, this is something that has not happened since bill clinton was in the white house. why this will be a very special
8:23 am
all-star weekend if you are a golden state warrior fan. it may be clear now. but rain is headed our way. up next, meteorologist steve paulson will tell us when we'll need our umbrellas. it's a little bit slow in parts of the east bay. we'll show you more of this and give you an update on the morning commute.
8:24 am
8:25 am
the future of the sacramento kings remains up in the air. time may be running out for
8:26 am
sacramento mayor kevin johnson. he's still working on a last- ditch plan to stop the kings from moving to seattle. david stern wants the plan in his office within the next two weeks and mayor johnson says he will meet that deadline. >> we're gonna have all of the agreements and the actions and the documents there by the 1st. >> microsoft executive steve bomber, stow, in fact, it leading the investment group that hopes to bring the kings to seattle. sacramento mayor says he's ready to build a new downtown stadium to save the kings. and four gordon state warriors are heading to houston for the nba all-star weekend. day lid leigh is a reserve. he's the warrior's first all-
8:27 am
star since latrell sprewell did it. clay thompson and harrison barns are in the rises stars' game. 8:24. sal's a star. but there's another crash. it happened in walnut creek, didn't it? >> that's right. this is 680, dave, southbound at laborna road. 680 southbound at laborna. we have that traffic and traffic is slowing down. the only thing that we have to say about the backup is it would be a lot worse if it wasn't such a light day thisern nothing. if we -- this morning. if we move the maps down, the commute has been very nice with no major problems. from 238 to mowry, it's been a 19-minute drive. let's go to some live pictures. the bay bridge has about a three or five-minute delay before you get into san francisco. no problems on 101 in san francisco. >> no troubles with the weather
8:28 am
either. it's clear. offshore breeze sitting at 30. inland temperatures, if this were a summertime pattern, it would be a hot one. for february, it will be rely nice. any patchy fog is already warming up. hayward, 49, the offshore breeze. oakland is 54. santa rosa, antioch have recovered. 46 redwood city. i know redwood shores was down to 42 and 48 san of fell. i -- san rafael. i mean, it's just high pressure. it sits there and is not going anywhere for at least two days. sunny and warmer today. rather breezy to windy. mainly east bay hills. upper 60s low to mid-70s. the warmest day of the week. sunday a little bit of a fog comes up. increase the clouds on monday. everything right now pointing to a cold and rainy system dropping in tuesday. not a lot of rain but a colder system dropping in on tuesday.
8:29 am
it fell out of the sky overnight going 33,000 miles an hour. there it is. a meteor hit central russia injuring at least a thousand people. the awesome yet destructive show in the sky. after being on that boat for that long and not showing when or how we were getting back, it was so good to finally be back. >> the stranded cruise ship passengers are glad, their vacation is over. we'll take you live to mobile, alabama -- next.
8:30 am
8:31 am
new video we just got in of the damage caused by the
8:32 am
meteorite overnight. surveillance cameras and russian office buildings captured glass windows being blown out. at least 270 buildings have been damaged from a giant shock wave. people don't know what's hitting them. it was a ten-town meteor. it streaked -- ten-ton meteor. it streaked across russia going 33,000 miles an hour. the russian army there, they found at least three craters like that one. now, this website over there tweeted this picture. this is a crater in an icy lake. we've been told that all three craters are about 20 feet wide. radiation levels are high. people have been hurt, mostly from flying glass. some people had their heads bandaged up. radiological and protection units are on high alert as a precaution. 8:30. astronomers say this meet
8:33 am
otherrite strike is not -- meteorite strike is not part of the event happening today. an asteroid the size of half a football field will buzz by planet earth. ktvu's lorraine blanco is live at chabot's space and science center to let us know when the asteroid will pass by and what we can expect. good morning, lorraine. >> reporter: tori, the asteroid will be passing by us around noon our time. and then about 7:00 tonight, you will be able to see it here through these doors at about 7:00 tonight. now, this is the huge sensitive -- expensive telescope being used. experts are calling the asteroid 2012 da 14. it will pass within 20,000 miles from earth. it's the closest to come to us in history. no worries about armageddon.
8:34 am
>> we're not aware of anything right now. but there are telescopes out there that scan the night every night looking for things in the sky. and if there's anything out there, there are -- there are telescopes that follow up observations. >> reporter: it is believed an asteroid destroyed the dinosaurs millions of years ago. this asteroid will not be visible to the naked eye in california. if you would like to check it out, the observation deck here will be open from about 7:00 to 10:00 tonight. it's free and opened to anyone. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:32. police in san jose are investigating a drive-by shooting last night that sent two people to the hospital. ktvu's janine de la vega live near alum rock and north capital to tell us what family
8:35 am
members are saying. janine? >> reporter: dave, a relative told me that his brother and brother-in-law were both standing right in between these two apartment complexes on the -- on the 100 block of grammercy place. he heard gunshots and saw them both lying on the ground. police say the shooting happened around 10:30 last night. officers say an suv drove by and started firing a multiple -- firing multiple gunshots in the area. two men we're told by the family, one in the back, the other was wounded in the hip. they were rushed to the hospital where they are being treated and are expected to survive. police say they believe words may have been exchanged right before the shooting but they won't know more until they interview victims at the hospital. the victim's niece says they are mad and shocked this happens. and she recounts how her mom reacted. >> she felt so bad. when she ran out, she felt so bad because she thought he was
8:36 am
dead already. >> reporter: police believe the drive-by shooting could possibly be gang-related. the victim's sister tells me that her brothers are not involved in gangs or in any type of trouble. we're told one is in his 20, the other in his early 30s. both of them are fathers. this is the second drive-by shooting that happened overnight. the other happened about an hour later. a mile away at jackson and doburn. nobody was injured in that drive-by shooting. and back out here live there are many children we're told who live in the neighborhood. we've sean several walking to school. this -- seen several walking to school. this is not setting well with people who live here. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, janine. san jose police are calling the violent deaths of a young couple on valentine adae a murder-suicide. officers found their bodies near overfelt high school. the two people who died were once girlfriend and boy.
8:37 am
they had broken up a few weeks ago and were still living together in the home and got into an argument in the bed rule. police say the man shot and killed the woman before turning the gun on himself. >> when you put a male and female together on valentine's day, in a bedroom, it appears to be a romantically motivated crime of passion when it's a murder-suicide. >> the young people was a young vietnamese couple but they've not relayed name -- released their names. classes resume at hillside. that school was closed yesterday as homicide investigators combed the area for evidence. police say 19-year-old trevian foster was shot to death on the campus. friends and family say he was killed during a dice game. they are urging anyone who knows anything to come forward. continuing coverage of the
8:38 am
crippled carnival cruise ship that finally made it to alabama last night. we'll show you some new video, tugboats now pulling the carnival triumph to a shipyard for repairs. our reporter rene marsh is live from mobile, alabama where passengers finally set foot back on land after a five-day nighare at sea. renee? >> reporter: you just showed the video of the cruise liner moving away. it was docked here. i would say roughly -- i don't know about 45 minutes to an hour ago, it was tugged to that repair yard. meantime, the passengers trying to move on themselves and make their way to their homes. in the meantime, they are sharing their stories. the first buses carrying triumph passengers arrived back in galveston, texas fry, more than a week -- friday, more than a week after the ship departed. many are returning home with
8:39 am
pictures they never damagenned capturing. camp -- imagined capturing. camping on the deck and others photos, these are the memories the passengers are trying to forget. >> we were just out there. now that i realize that -- oh, my god. i can't believe that. >> reporter: while passengers try to move on, the triumph is moving on a nearby boat yard for repairs marking the end of this disastrous voyage. >> passengers cheered and waved thursday night as the disabled boat limped into the part of mobile. others hung signs line this one reading "sweet home alabama." before passengers disel barked the ceo of carnival off -- disembarked, the ceo of carnival -- >> we pride ourselves on having our passengers have a great
8:40 am
vacation. we failed. >> reporter: some passengers vented frustrations. >> they are a lot of unhappy people on this ship. a lot of unhappy people because of the conditions. >> reporter: others are just relieved the ordeal is over. >> after being on that vote for that long and not knowing when or how we were getting back, it was so good to finally be back. >> reporter: you know, when they got off this ship here, there were busing waiting for them. the buses took them -- took them to new orleans. from new orleans they were chartered flights waiting for them. we now know at least two of those flights have already
8:41 am
arrived in houston. so they are getting close to hole. of course, final destination for many of those -- close to home. of course, fine at destination for many of those folks, galveston, texas. >> rene marsh, thank you, rene. if you plan to fly out of san francisco international airport this weekend, delays are possible. one of the main runways will be closed down for upgrades at 10:00 tonight and remain closed until 8:00 monday morning. that could cut air traffic from 60 aircraft an hour to just 30 an hour. the temporary runway closure is just so the crews can take care of federally-required upgrades. 8:39 exactly. want to check in with sal. see what's happening in walnut creek, sal. >> we still have the traffic problem on 680 at lawarner. things have improved. they moved it off the shoulder. traffic is getting better. this there is a little bit of a backup. if this were another day, we would be backed up into concord at this point. so we would have something good going for us trafficwise. let's go out to the toll plaza -- i'm sorry, 880, first of all, before we go to the toll plaza. we have a little bit of slow traffic there. if you are driving to the toll plaza, it's light. this is 880 farther south. the drive time here is 19 minutes from 238 to mowry avenue. let's go to steve. thank you, sal?
8:42 am
you are welcome, steve -- sal. you are welcome, steve. a really mild temperatures coast and bay. had a nice tweet from george mccray. he's in eler is rerow, beekeeper, he says he and his pals are freaking out -- el serretoe, be -- el cerrito, beekeeper, he says he and his pals are freaking out because the bees are freaking out. it's warm too quickly. but next week it will turn much colder. there are signs the patterns are changing neck week. 40s, 50s. santa rosa, 35. oakland, 54. i've seen 59 kensington, el cerrito, berkeley, 62. 59 half moon bay, el granada. there are warm readings, even 56 outer sunset. i saw that as well and also near lake merced. very warm. you can see why.
8:43 am
nothing going on now. but next week, might have something to talk about except for sunny and warm. let's hope so. we are running out of time. we need the rain. that offshore breeze, i think will kind of turn itself around maybe saturday. today will be the warmest day. it doesn't look like we're setting any records. it can get warm in february. it will be warm. not superwarm but it will be warm. looks good saturday. increasing clouds on monday. looks like a cold rain on tap for tuesday. >> we always get this teaser in february. >> yeah. an olympic track star has officially been charged with murder. how the tracking incident could soon have a major impact on a huge company. also, it's spring time. fred ingles will join us from arizona as the giants and as get ready for another season. we're live in antioch, where a 14-year-old girl was
8:44 am
killed as she was trying to cross the street late last night. we will tell you what the antioch school district is saying about the investigation as "mornings on 2" continues. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
8:45 am
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some stocks modestly lower
8:47 am
as investors keep a close eye on a meeting in moscow. japan's currency, that country has been forcing the yen's value lower. taking a look at the big board, the dow is down 7. the nasdaq down 2. s&p down 1. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now. almost a,000 people in central -- a thousand people in central russia were hurt by a ten-ton meteor in russia. it generated a sonic blast, it blew out windows in hundreds of homes and businesses. with below-freezing temperatures there, the russian government is mobilizing 20,000 emergency response workers. back here at home, san francisco police say they were forced to shoot at the driver of a stolen car blamed for last night's multi-car crash at fifth and mission. police don't know if the driver was hurt in the gunfire. there were no seer yours injuries in the accident. by the way, the police arrested
8:48 am
that driver shortly after this crash. and a 14-year-old girl in an it eye was hit by a car and killed last night while crossing a street. it happened about 7:00. ktvu's brian flores is right there at the scene of the accident. what are the police saying about their investigation? >> good morning. antioch police are not saying anything about the investigation. i did just get off the phone about ten minutes ago with the antioch school district. they tell me they are currently trying to figure out if the 14- year-old victim attended school within the district. they don't know for sure. they have calls into the antioch police. at this point, they have grief counselors on the ready if she did go to school here. the road markings from this very tragic accident remain here on the road. the collision happened around 6:45 last night. the girl was trying to cross the street here on the corner of hidden glen drive and hillcrest avenue when she was hit by the car.
8:49 am
according to antioch police, they say the driver as well as several witnesses remain here to help the girl. she was later airlifted to a nearby hospital but died a shore time later. we talked to some residents and they hope drivers and pedestrians are aware of the surroundings that they learned from the situation. >> it's line everywhere, people are in a hurry most of the time it seems like. i think there's disregard for generally -- generally speaking for paying attention to the traffic or the speed limit. everyone is in a hurry. they are gonna do what they feel is best, you know, in that regard. >> reporter: back out here live, the girl has yet to be formally identified pending notification of family. at this point, investigators say speed and alcohol did not play a role. as soon as we have more information, we'll have a report for the news at noon. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you, brian. 8:47. we've moved on from the
8:50 am
superbowl, big league baseball is back. fred ingles is live from scottsdale, good morning, fred. >> reporter: thank you, tori. yes. we're in beautiful scottsdale stadium. it's going to get up to 75 degrees down here today. it is, indeed, a glorious day. the pitchers and catchers are about half an hour from coming out onto the field here as we pan you around to the stadium that was really actually renovated in 1992. it's just been a jewel of the minor league system ever since, as you can tell. they've done a lot of renovation even since the '92 original renovation. there's a lot more concessions and areas out here in the right field. this seats about 10,000 people. there's about 2,000 more opportunity for grazers as we say out there today, that grass area. this is just a spectacular setting. the giants, of course,
8:51 am
defending world champions, they are all feeling good. there's so many returners here from this team of the 2010 championship team it's really more or less a family reunion here in the first week. as we said, pitchers and catchers will be out on the field in about half an hour. the position players are due to report today. they will take the physicals and have the first full workout here at scottsdale stadium tomorrow. but as we say, this is such a popular place here. almost all of the home games get sold out. their first game, the giants' first game will be a week from tomorrow. that will be on the road, and they will come home for their opener fon the 23rd of this month -- on the 23rd of this month. it will be a lot different look than it is right here this morning. we've already talked to a few players this morning in the locker room. everyone seems to be still in that afterglow of the world championship. they know, though, that it's back to work. it's time to focus on 2013 and
8:52 am
later today, we will hear from some of those players later in the 5:00 newscast. but right now, reporting live in scottsdale, fred ingles, ktvu channel 2 news. >> looks beautiful. thank you, fred. 8:50. new this morning, olympic track star oscar pistorius has officially been charged with murder in south africa. this is video of his court appearance overnight. oscar pistorius cried as he faced a south afterfryian judge -- south african judge. he's accused of killing his girlfriend yesterday at home. there were reports he may have mistaken her for an intruder. but police say there was a domestic dispute. oscar pistorius's family released a statement saying they don't believe he's guilty of murder. the oscar pistorius sawyer is a reminder that corporate sponsoring that be a risky business. nike signed him on as a
8:53 am
celebrity. but this ad has been pulled from the company's website. it features oscar pistorius at the starting block with the caption "i'm a bullet in the chamber." now, take tiker woods, for instance. remember? nike didn't drop him after his extra marry tell affairs made news and the world but his visibility with the brand took a break. lance armstrong was another nike athlete whose reputation took a hit. >> what am i on? i'm on my bike busting my ass six hours a day. >> when the u.s. anti-doping agency came up with enough evidence to convince the world that he was cheating. he was dropped as a nike spokesman. the charges against oscar pistorius, they are even more serious. that he's been charged with murder. marketing analysts say the company should immediately break its ties with pistorius.
8:54 am
contracts make it clear the athlete's behavior can allow a company to cut its ties. but not before millions of dollars are paid to the celebrities for endorsing their products. one company that advises other businesses on creating and maintaining their reputation says the problem is so much money is pinned on human beings who in a moment of passion or intoxication can ruin their reputation in an instant. 8:52. it's a dangerous trend. the reason police say some criminals are deliberately crashing stolen cars. good morning. golden gate bridge. traffic looks good so far. we'll tell you more about the friday-morning last commute report.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
for the third time in two months a stolen car has crashed into a business in contra costa county. the latest incident happened yesterday morning at the verizon store on crescent drive in pleasant hill. police say a man deliberately crashed into the store so he could steal cell phones and tablets, then escaped in be a suv driven by another person. this is video of another instance on december 18th of last year when a stolen car slammed through the front of the game stop store at the clayton valley shopping center. the suspects took off with merchandise and still have not been caught. 8:55. we now know more about the plans to update san francisco's museum of modern art. the $550 million project will
8:58 am
make art more accessible to the public. the new building will have seven levels of exhibit space and room for public and private presentations. it will have 130,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor gallery space. big trees in golden gate park are about to be cut down. they plan to remove 150 trees in the coming months. it's the second face of a program -- face of a program targeting -- phase of a program tarting hazardous trees. this will cost $1 point million. let's check in with sal one more time. see how things are winding down. a lot of people taking a long weekend. >> who will -- who are those lucky people? i'm gonna be here on monday. i know some of you will be. it's been a good day out there. let's go out -- it's been such a good day. no barking from the dogs. no smog. westbound traffic is moving along well getting up to the 80
8:59 am
flit. the traffic is looking good. normallor problems on southbound 101 as you drive -- no problems on southbound 101 as you drive down the peninsula. southbound 101 as you head down to the 92, that traffic looks pretty good. no problems on 2880 as you head south. let's go to steve. >> tu, sal -- thank you, sal, temperatures 71 in pacifica. brandon sent me a nice tweet there. it's very mild for some on the coast. it will be sunny and warm. there will be mid-70s down towards santa cruz. sunday we will cool things down. increasing clouds on monday. and a colder system and some rain next week. next week looks like something is finally brewing. >> i mean, any idea at this point, how much -- >> not a lot. maybe half an inch on the tuesday one. they are hinting at it. >> okay. >> wh

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